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Should I Show “Meet Your Meat?”

I’ve been thinking of showing this video that’s online called “Meet your Meat” to my ethics class.  You can google it.  Basically, it shows videos of how animals are being treated in farms.  They’re confined in small compartments, the chickens … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Ethics of What We Eat by Peter Singer and Jim Mason

I’ve mentioned this book in another blog about demi-vegetarianism that relates to other books and issues if you want to check it out.  Out of all the books that deals with food, this is the must have book to read!  … Continue reading

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Libertarianism and Property

Libertarians are big on individual rights.  Anything that helps the group at the expense of the individual is considered theft.  A good example would be taxation.  Taxes are theft because I work for my money and the government steals it … Continue reading

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The Utah Junto

One of my former students, Jory Francis, has started a blog which brings up interesting discussions and debates about anything and everything you want.  You can even start your own posts.  His contribution is get a lot of people in … Continue reading

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Osama Bin Laden: Found

I got this from a blog: Geography Professor Thomas Gillespie of UCLA has employed a technique typically used for tracking endangered species in order to pinpoint the most likely location of the world’s most wanted terrorist. Someone should go there … Continue reading

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Gay Animals

People have said that animals only have sex for reproduction.  That may be the case.  But what about homosexual animals (or animals that engage in homosexual activity)?  What can we say in those cases? It seems that we can only … Continue reading

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A Conflict in Hume’s Ethics

Hume has famously said that “Reason is, and ought to be, the slave of the passions.” Later on, he also said, “You cannot get an ‘ought’ from an ‘is.’” Doesn’t the second statement contradict his first statement? Any Hume scholarships … Continue reading

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Book Review: In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

I have finally read this book and in some ways, I’m glad I read it, but in others, I wasn’t blown away by it.  I’m starting to read books about food culture and the ethics revolving around it because my … Continue reading

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