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Preparing for Class this Semester

I’ll be taking Philosophy of Mind (maybe) and a Continental Class dealing with the boundaries of the self (for sure).  I saw this and thought it would be perfect to get me prepared for this class and help get me … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 08/28/2011

Arts Wow!  The photo below was made by this camera:  Economics A revealing study shows that economic declination is inversely proportional to the length of women’s skirts.  In other words, when wealth declines, the girls skirts get shorter. Philosophy Plato may … Continue reading

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Various Philosophers on Relationships: Polyamory, the Family, Friendship, and Singledom

This is my third, and possible last, installment on my interests in philosophy pertaining to the philosophy of love and sex.  My previous blog dealt with various philosophers on sex and the blog before dealt with various philosophers on love, … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 08/20/2011

Economics Fantastic site for those who (like me) have a hard time visualizing economics.  An example is:  Warren Buffett says to stop coddling the super-rich. Interesting research showing that poor people are against redistribution of taxes if the people below them are … Continue reading

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What will future generations think of now?

Steven Landsburg did an interesting post on what future generations will think of past generations.  Here is it verbatim: Future generations will look back with bemusement on a time when airline passengers couldn’t pay extra for a flight that’s guaranteed … Continue reading

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Various Philosophers on Sex

I posted an overview on various philosophers on erotic love, flirting and marriage.  Here, I’ll be looking at the philosophy of sex and many sub-categories with it.  As before, if there’s something that I’m missing, please let me know.  This … Continue reading

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Let’s See What’s in the News Today: 08/13/2011

Economics College students using “sugar daddies” to pay off loan debt. Interesting patterns between being single, being married, and being obese.  The short answer is that if you’re a married man or a single woman, it pays to be obese. … Continue reading

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Various Philosophers on Erotic Love, Flirting and Marriage

As many of you know, my specialty within philosophy is the philosophy of sex and love.  Many people have asked me what sort of readings are there about that topic?  Well, below are readings, speeches, and ideas to this wonderful … Continue reading

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An Argument Against Ayn Rand’s Objectivism

Wow!  I’ve not read it all, but this guy has seriously done his homework. There’s also another book that comes from a blog, but I’m not sure how good it is.

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