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What War with Iran Means

by Pat Buchanan.  (Thanks to Prof. Hand for providing this link.) What an impressive article!  The comments at the end are enlightening as well.  Basically, Buchanan states that a war with Iran would be completely disastrous and it would just … Continue reading

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What I’ve Learned this Past Year — 2009 Edition

Instead of doing New Years Resolutions, I’ve decided to look in the past and see how I’ve learned.  To me, if one hasn’t learned things within the past year, then it’s as if one hasn’t gained wisdom.  And if that’s … Continue reading

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Book Review: Nudge by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein

Suppose that you were in charge of a school district and you were given the responsibility of making the students healthier.  Thus, you have a few options: Take away all of the candy and soda from the vending machines. Serve … Continue reading

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How to Handle Iran

Fareed Zakaria on CNN had an interesting round table about Iran.  Two people were for reform and the other person was for attacking Iran.  I found all of them intelligent and they gave their case equally well.  What really intrigued … Continue reading

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Fareed Zakaria: The Way Out of Afghanistan

As you know, I’m a big fan of Zakaria and I agree mostly with his policies about international affairs.  He has recently come up with an interesting article about how to deal with the troubles in Afghanistan: we buy off … Continue reading

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Huxley vs. Orwell

Aldous Huxley (writer of Brave New World) and George Orwell (writer of 1984) have written great books about the dystopia of the future and how we should always be on the lookout for conformity.  Two great authors that should still … Continue reading

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How Taxes Help You

Many people complain about taxes, but most don’t realize that taxes are beneficial to society, and thus you.  The way I see it, taxes are taking a step backwards initially.  But because it brings out good benefits, the result is … Continue reading

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Leveling Out the Equality Field: An Experiment in Human Nature

There are many theories about what is human nature.  Are we naturally selfish?  Altruistic?  Rational? Or just plain dumb?  Let’s see this from an economic standpoint.  There are some people that are poor.  On one side of the argument, they … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton’s Statement on CNN’s GPS

This past Sunday on Fareed Zarkia’s GPS on CNN, Hillary Clinton said something that I found striking.  Indeed, it sounds similar to Rawls.  This is what she said roughly: There must be, what we would call a safety net, in … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism by Naomi Klein

Recall Hurricane Katrina.  It was a disastrous moment that put people into shock.  Everyone was disoriented and confused in that situation.  But now imagine someone having the idea that this is the perfect opportunity to implement a new system.  Now … Continue reading

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