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The Ideal School

In The Republic, Plato came up with the ideal government. Obviously, it won’t happen, but one main feature is his critique of democracy. Some of them aren’t too impressive, but one that has always caught me is that there are … Continue reading

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2004 Election in Retrospect for this Election

Check out the election in 2004: Obviously, Bush won that election.  Now during that election, the main issue that got people interested was the War.  The War on Terror and the War in Iraq had an interest of the public … Continue reading

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Predicting the Election

Here’s a new site that I’ll post on the side as well.  It’s fivethirtyeight.com.  The site was founded by a baseball statistician.  With statistics, one tries to find the probabilities and possibilities of future events.  Baseball is loaded with statistics … Continue reading

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